EVA Optic Swimming Pool and Ambient LED Lighting – Golden Coast

EVA Optic Swimming Pool and Ambient LED Lighting – Golden Coast

Established some 8 years ago, EVA Optic initially developed a range of lights to illuminate swimming pools. This then led to the introduction of lights suitable to illuminate the pool hall and the areas immediately adjacent. EVA Optic is now the only company designing and manufacturing a complete programme of white and RGBW lighting suitable for use specifically in a swimming pool and the pool hall environment. The combined pool and ambient lighting range is unique in the ability to resist the high temperatures and the aggressive chlorine associated with swimming pool facilities.

By incorporating unique features the lights deliver high levels of efficacy whilst ensuring long term performance.

The ambient lights are available in ranges to meet all the lighting requirements for commercial installations including the stringent standards associated with competition pools.

Where an operator is looking to ‘add value’ to the fun pool experience, it is possible to provide RGBW lighting, allowing themed colour lighting flexibility, via DMX control. The pool lights and the ambient lights can be fully integrated ensuring total lighting control.

EVA optic also have a complimentary range of lights that can be used in areas outside the pool environment, where the atmosphere is less aggressive.