Maximising your digital opportunity – Fisikal

Maximising your digital opportunity – Fisikal

Are you maximising your digital opportunity? At Fisikal we work in partnership with operators to create competitively priced, wraparound business solutions which optimise operational efficiencies and enhances the customer experience.

Over the past decade, Fisikal has worked with a wide range of clients from individual PTs and boutique studios to big brand, multisite, operators across the globe, including: Third Space, Fitness First Middle East and Spanish operator, DiR – creating bespoke digital business solutions which improve efficiencies, drive revenue, increase operational visibility and enhance consumer experience and engagement.

Digitalising core services transforms business performance. We create custom-built facility management and product education platforms which can either standalone as a complete wraparound solution or integrate seamlessly with incumbent providers to build a digital ecosystem.

Functionality includes:

  • Payment solutions
  • Bookings
  • Staff management
  • Real time business analysis
  • Content delivery
  • Digital PARQs and health assessments
  • Fitness content
  • Secondary spend drivers e.g. an online shop

Fisikal’s platform is based on my own person experience and backed by a team of world class programme developers to deliver a client-centred service, built in direct response to bespoke needs.

The open platform integrates with a wide array of other providers from CRM systems to fitness content providers, supporting a growing desire by operators to create an effective, fully connected digital ecosystem which places customer needs and the generation of optimal business performance at the heart of its ambition.

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