Maximising your digital opportunity – Fisikal

Maximising your digital opportunity – Fisikal

Fisikal provides the digital capability to continue engaging members, even during periods of physical distancing. In addition to the provision of high-quality fitness content, which can either be set up as a chargeable service or free of charge, fisikal also enables opportunities for two-way conversations, ensuring the brand remains an integral part of life, even outside of the facility.

Virtual PT and classes

Through a vast video library of exercises, operators can push-out bespoke digital workouts for members to access at home via a custom-branded app. This not only helps members maintain their training, but also gives operators an opportunity to offer valuable, chargeable services.

The system can also host virtual classes. These can be completely open access, viewable on-demand, or released at scheduled times, creating a session timetable, or a mix of the two. Operators can embed pre-recorded classes from the fisikal library or integrate bespoke content.


Operators can keep in touch with members via in-app push notifications. These can be anything from motivational messages and training tips to education and advice. Clients and members can also contact the operator, creating a two-way, 24-hour support system.

Our digital solutions enable operators can maintain contact and services despite a reduced physical presence. This helps prevent a break in exercise habits, increasing the likelihood that members will retain their connection to the brand.

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