Date for your 2020 diaries – The higher education estates forum

Date for your 2020 diaries – The higher education estates forum

The higher education estates forum 2020 takes place on 19-20 March at The Belfry, Warwickshire, a new venue for Stable.

“The challenges HE face delivering future estates and facilities”

In the seminar programme we will be looking at the below topics:

  • Sustainability in the higher education estate. Energy saving and decarbonisation targets.
  • Maintenance and repairs – what are the major challenges facing HE facilities management?
  • Research hubs development has increased by 5.8% – what further opportunities are there?
  • With student demographics increasing in the next 3-4 years, how can we accommodate for these rising numbers?
  • Demonstrations of imaginative/innovative ways of utilising existing estates more effectively
  • Accommodation challenge – how to deliver cost efficiently and how to ensure standards are maintained.
  • The need for accommodation drives rental prices up – what are HE sector doing to tackle this issue for their students?
  • Wellness and wellbeing on campus
  • How can building design impact on mental health of the students?
  • Modern methods of construction
  • Sports facilities is a major driver in students picking universities. How can the smaller universities compete with the major ones?

To register to attend as a complimentary delegate, email